Enteng Kabisote 2: Okay Ka Fairy Ko... The Legend Continues 2005

Taking off where Enteng Kabisote (The Legend of Okay Ka, Fairy Ko) ended, this year's filmic installment of the much-loved TV series of the earthling Enteng Kabisote and his romance with his Faye, despite the frequent intervention of his mother-in-law Ina Magenta, Queen of fairyland Engkantasia, goes on to bigger grounds. Their family is expanding as Faye is again on the family way. The magical world Engkantasya and the man's world welcomes a new addition to the Kabisote family with Ada, Enteng and Faye's new baby girl - a new princess of Engkantasya. While both worlds were happy with this new addition, Darkness is once again brooding both in Engkantasya and in man's world. In the previous film, Satana, the ruler of Kadiliman (Darkness) lost her powers and was vanquish by Magenta. Reborn through the blood of a traitor, Satana regained her powers and vowed to destroy Enkantasya. This time she has succeeded.

The Best of CM Punk Vol. 3: The Legacy Continues

The legacy of CM Punk continues to grow as this superstar takes on his fiercest competition yet on this Best Of DVD. See some of the most historic bouts in CM Punk's career from his epic match of the year battles against Samoa Joe to his violent feud against Jimmy Rave. This is a must for anyone that wants to know what CM Punk is all about.

Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden: The Summer of 1996 Continues 2013

After a glorious beginning, the Sarah and Gwen romance has gone cold. Between having to hide her sexuality from her mom and deciding what to do with her girlfriend while she's away at college, Sarah's been stressed out and it's put a toll her relationship. While Gwen tries to spend time with Sarah, she just acts cagey and distant. So Gwen takes matters into her own hands. She teems up with her best friend Ryan to test their girlfriends' trust and patience with a jealous-inducing prank.

Beyond the Prairie, Part 2: The True Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder Continues 2002

Laura, her husband Almanzo and their daughter Rose leave South Dakota and head for Missouri in search of a better, more financially stable life. It's a daunting journey, but they're sustained by their resolve. However, they're faced with an even greater challenge after their arrival: an ailing and bedridden Almanzo is unable to tend their new land. With winter fast on its way, Laura attempts to clear the land herself and plant the acres of apple trees that they hope will ensure their future. (TV Guide)

American Black Beauty 2005

After her father dies in a horse riding accident, a displaced city girl named Cheryl is sent to live with a foster family on a farm in the country. Here she meets a magnificent horse. Cheryl learns to face her fear of horses and manages to race once again.

The People's Champion 2004

If the first one stunned you, The People's Champion will floor you. This jawbusting follow-up contains the best of Manny Pacquiao's world title defense fights flashing that on-ring bravura that has made him one of the world boxing's crème de la crème. If you've been keeping count of fighters felled by the man with fists of gold, this one could blow your score sheet. Pound for pound, it's world-class sports entertainment at its finest.

The Dracula Saga 1973

Count Dracula's pregnant granddaughter arrives at his castle, along with her husband, who is not a vampire. While she prepares to give birth to a new member of the Dracula line, her husband secretly launches into a series of affairs with the Count's resident "brides."